Haus No. 68 is specialized in developing and implementing individually designed lighting projects.


Lemgo, the luminaire stronghold in the beautiful Lippe region.
Luminaires and accessories have been produced in the region since the 1950s.
Many light-related inventions originated here.
Haus No. 68 has its development and production in this environment.

Who is Haus No. 68?

In the beginning there is always an idea.

We listen and try to understand the planner’s ideas right at the beginning. The better we succeed, the more perfect the result, the form, the lighting effect and the perception of the room. There is simply more to light than just a luminaire. Haus No 68 stands for this focus on the aesthetic dimensions of light.
Whereby we are only the translators of ideas into a solution.

There is always a way!
Of course, technology always plays a role and physical laws do exist.
But there are always several solutions to a problem. Our task is to put these ideas into a form and to provide them with the appropriate top technology. To do this, No 68 has experts with over 35 years of experience in the production of luminaires.
Each of us has the attitude “… and yet it works!”

We always move outside the standard with our products.
Wonderful innovations can emerge from the solutions, bringing a new verve to future lighting scenarios. Haus No 68 employees live for always creating something completely new.

Uwe Grote.
Lighting enthusiast and founder of Haus No. 68