Illumination of a crypt.

The striking columns and capitals of the crypt were cleverly fitted with frame luminaires. These subtle lighting elements follow the contours of the architectural details and gently highlight them. This way, the columns become part of the overall work of art, while the capitals shine with a soft glow.

To provide pleasant illumination to the space, I-TUBE downlights were installed in the ceiling. The warm light fills the room, creating an inviting atmosphere that gives visitors a feeling of comfort.

A special accentuation was achieved by integrating spotlights into the frame luminaires. These focused light sources draw attention to selected areas and create a dynamic effect. The accent spotlights set highlights without dominating the overall impression, adding an additional dimension to the crypt.

Frame lights for vault lighting

Spotlights for accent lighting

I-Tube in the vault Center

Lighting design

Torsten Braun, Die Lichtplaner


Peter Brückner, Stephan Gräbner, Brückner & Brückner Architekten